The importance of mental health

Mental Health

The individual is that the basic building block of society and therefore the essence of its construction. a traditional person is that the supply of renaissance, thought and progress. so as for the individual to perform his personal and social duties and tasks to the fullest, he should fancy high psychological health free from disturbances and issues that negatively have an effect on his giving, giving and achievements. someone with a mental disturbance or disorder contains a negative impact on himself and on others around him, so standing within the method of his progress and achievements, therefore the nice importance of a study of mental state that brings the individual to psychological and social harmony and harmony, and therefore the high ability to productivity, happiness and giving appeared.

Mental Health Definition

Scientists and doctors agree that physical health is the safety of the body from diseases and pain and the safety of internal organs, in addition to the active functioning of vital processes and their functions. And its compatibility is not material, tangible and can be measured, but it is inferred through the external behavior of the individual and his interactions and responses. Definitions of mental health differ according to different societies, culture and behavioral rules in which they take place, and according to the different beliefs and cultures adopted by scholars. Accordingly, the simple and comprehensive definition of mental health is: The prevailing and continuous state of the individual in which he is stable and compatible psychologically and socially, in addition to a feeling of happiness with oneself and with others, and thus the ability to achieve self-esteem, and exploit self-skills and competencies to the maximum extent possible, that is, it is the positive characteristic of the individual’s behavior and attitudes towards himself and towards others Thus, he will be a happy, balanced and good-natured person

The importance of mental health

Mental health is of nice importance to the individual and society, because it cultivates happiness, stability and integration among people, and has a crucial role in selecting sound and balanced therapeutic strategies for social issues that will have an effect on the protection of the psychological development method of the individual, and a few small print of the importance of psychological state may be summarized as:
- the subsequent is that the self-stability of the individual, therefore his life are freed from tensions and fears and a comparatively permanent feeling of calm, tranquility and self-security. 
- psychological state creates stable and traditional people. The additional oldsters relish the acceptable quantity of psychological state, the bigger the likelihood of transportation them up to psychologically traditional kids. A psychologically stable family enjoys cohesion, synergy, and internal and external strength, and so it will increase the community strength and cohesion. 
- psychological state is effective for the individual, because it offers him the chance to open his horizons and also the ability to know himself et al. around him, and makes him additional ready to management and management emotions, emotions and wishes, and direct behavior properly removed from abnormal responses. 
-The individual’s enjoyment of psychological state makes him additional capable of completely addressing varied issues and reconciliation emotions once falling beneath varied life pressures, overcoming them, and forward responsibilities while not exploit and retreating. 
- psychological state makes the individual compatible with himself and adapts to his society, as his behaviors ar usually healthy, likable and satisfactory to those around him. 
- psychological state is additionally of nice importance within the economic and productive fields, and in achieving the principle of social development, because the individual enjoying psychological state is ready to require responsibility and use his energies, skills and competencies to the most extent, because the integrated temperament of the individual makes him more practical and productive.

Mental health deteriorating factors

The individual's social, psychological and environmental life negatively or positively affects the rate of mental health he enjoys, as the World Health Organization emphasized in its brief report on mental health the difference and diversity of factors affecting mental health, such as physical ailments, heart diseases, depression, and improper health patterns. Drug and drug abuse, in addition to poverty, wars, loss of security, widespread despair, low income, widespread unemployment, violations of women’s and children’s rights, violent and improper family upbringing methods and others, all of these environmental, psychological and social factors deprive individuals of enjoying psychological stability Mental health, and consequently the spread and emergence of deviations, cases of anxiety, improper behavioral patterns and many other negative effects.

Methods for promoting mental health

There are many ways and methods to promote mental health in the life of the individual for himself and for those around him, including but not limited to: 
-paying attention to meeting the basic biological needs of food, drink, sleep and rest. 
- Helping to form a positive image and a healthy attitude towards oneself through positive self-suggestions in all situations. 
- Calm as possible in all life situations, avoiding the causes of psychological anxiety, tension and fear. 
- Paying attention to the general appearance and maintaining personal hygiene and neat and tidy appearance. 
- Defining a clear goal for life and persistent and tireless pursuit of it. 
- A sound family upbringing, free of violence towards children and adolescents.

Mental health manifestations

The fruits of mental health appear on the individual in all his personal and social interactive aspects, and they were as follows: 
- Balance and emotional maturity: where the individual is able to balance responses and emotions towards various stimuli, and the ability to face and overcome pressures, in addition to the ability to express emotions in a clear and mature manner. Far from exaggerating. 
- Motivation: Motivation is the internal motivator that pushes the individual to various achievements and the constant internal quest to direct abilities and capabilities to achieve goals. 
- Feeling of happiness: It is one of the most prominent manifestations of mental health due to psychological stability, security and inner peace. 
- Psychological compatibility: It is the internal acceptance of the self, its capabilities and potentials, and the ability to obtain the necessary degree of satisfaction for the needs in the environment and taking into account the surrounding variables.
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