A simple test to know your beauty by the finger 2022

A  new test that uses the finger as a standard of beauty has spread on socialmedia.

? Can a finger examination reveal the beauty or ugliness of a person
Apparently yes, thousands of users on Weibo (a Chinese version of Facebook) took the "beauty and ugliness" test, also known as the "finger test". The method is very easy, you put your second finger (the index finger) on your chin and nose, if the finger touches the lips, then congratulations to you,  you are gorgeous, but if the contact does not occur, you can simply ignore the results

Celebrities from China took this test and posted their photos on Weibo, joining more than two hundred thousand subscribers who took this test, and it was noted that the majority of these were women. This test is based on a theory known as 3.1 Ratio Theory, which is used by plastic surgeons around the world. The theory is that the lips, nose and chin should be on the same line

By Tommy

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